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  • What Is In Windshield Wiper Fluid – My New Tennis Car

    What Is In Windshield Wiper Fluid

    Windshields can have debris that may not be easily wiped off with a windshield wiper, especially when the debris is dry. Rain is not always present to help the debris loosen up. As such, it can be very useful to have a fluid that is automatically dispensed when required. In 1936, three decades after the first windshield wiper was created in 1903, the first wiper fluids were offered as an option for purchased cars.

    Fluid System

    Fluid is sprayed onto the front of the windshield using a button/lever found in the car. When the button is activated, the fluid is pumped. Soon after, the best wiper blades automatically starts wiping. Some vehicles have a heating system to pre-heat the fluid before dispenses. The added heat aids in melting ice sheets or other debris that would otherwise be hard to clean under cooler conditions.

    Fluid ingredients

    Windshield wiper fluids are a combination of a detergent and a few solvents. The most widely used ingredients are a homogeneous mixture of water and methanol. Methanol is more concentrated when sold for colder climates, and more diluted—with distilled water—for warmer climates. The fluids usually contain a solution that helps prevent freezing, called anti-freeze. Otherwise, instead of cleaning the windshield, the fluid may end up becoming ice and covering it. Anti-freeze substances can be made of methanol. Methanol freezes at temperatures below -143°F/-97°C, therefore it is very suitable for the winter times. However, methanol is very harmful when inhaled or ingested. Other less potent substances include ethanol and ethylene glycol. Concerns have been raised regarding using alcohols (all substance previously named) as cleaners due to their corrosive properties; alcohols can destroy metals and ruin cars’ components such as their coats of paint. Some drivers simply use water. However, unlike alcohol, water lacks antimicrobial properties. Microbes can accumulate and this can cause health issues to people who come in contact with the liquid.

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  • Steamer vs. Iron for Tennis Clothes

    Steamer vs. Iron for Tennis Clothes

    Which is better in the steamer vs. iron category. They both do a good job, but the difference really comes down to the type of fabric that you want to press. For example, a garment steamer works best for delicate fabrics like silk, jersey, and chiffon see Steamfast sf407 review. Irons work best on heavier fabrics, including cotton or woven fabrics.

    Steam is the operative word in talking about iron vs. steamer. Modern technology for irons has created the innovative steam generating iron. There are also cordless irons, but they must be returned to a base for charging.

    Operating An Iron:

    Electric modern irons have a metal-base that can be heated to varied temperatures. The heated base metal of an iron is pressed across a fabric. The fabric is laid on a flat ironing board. Action is required with an iron, involving a flat pressing motion to remove wrinkles.

    Steam model irons, release a burst of steam to help loosen wrinkles before ironing flat. Steam irons contain a transparent reservoir that is filled with water. You just press a button to release the steam.

    Operating A Steamer:

    Steamers have a verticle tank that is filled with water. There is a hose attached to a handheld device that emits steam. Garments remain on a hangar. The handheld steam device, using an up and down motion, is run against the fabric, all around, about an inch away from the fabric.

    In addition to clothing items, garment steamers can also be used to freshen up draperies, upholstery furnishings, and to sanitize mattresses, as well as bedding items. There are medium sized garment steamers that can be rolled around wherever you want to use it. Small, efficient travel steamers are available, which will fit into any suitcase.

    Choosing a steamer or an iron, is really a personal preference. Using an iron, even a new steamer iron, still means that you are standing in one spot, with an iron board http://Steameradvisor.com. Standard irons gives your clothes that professional tailored look, especially when used on dress shirts, pleated clothing, and jackets. Ironing clothing is great for creating creases on clothing items.

    The steaming temperature for an iron is in the range of 284° F to 320° F. The steaming temperature for a steamer is between 208° F to 210° F. A person can also steam dry and wet clothing. You can only use a standard iron on dry clothing. An iron has multiple settings, but a steamer does not.

    Both a clothing steamer and a clothing iron or a steamer iron system works well for all pressing needs depending on what your clothing manufacturer suggests. Caution must be taken in using both a steamer and an iron. Never leave either device on and unattended. The steam from both devices can burn your skin. Use distilled water for both a steam iron and a vertical steamer.

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  • Best Tennis Player in the World – Novak Djokovic

    Novak-Djokovic Best Tennis Player in the World

    He´s a Serbian professional Tennis Player born in 1987. He´s taken the world by storm and he never seem to stop and impress. His gameplay and play style is jaw-dropping! For all of us that love the game of tennis, Novak Djokovic is as good as it gets! Just check out these highlights from earlier this year in Australian Open. Where he met the previous Champion Roger Federer.

    Why is Novak Better Than Federer? novak

    Well some argue that he´s not. I definitely argue that he is better than tennis player Roger Federer. Why you might ask, here are a few key points why I think he´s better.

    1. Novak is in his prime right now – 2015 was the best year so far for Novak. He pretty much won everything that he touched last season. 11 Tournaments and 3 Grand Slams with a win-loss ratio at 82-6. That is INSANE!
    2. A lot of potential – Do not forget that tennis player Novak Djokovic is still very Young. Just 28 years old right now and currently playing the best tennis in the world. That must be something, Right?!
    3. Completeness – He seems to just have it all. I´ve never seen a such well-rounded player like Novak, he does it all! He´s Fast, Focused and Furious! It´s so much fun to watch this guy play tennis. Even if you don’t normally do so, give it a try. It’s so much fun!

    I want to know what tennis player is your favourite and why! Send me an email through the contact page and let me know. Also, stay tuned for more blogposts. There will come a lot of fun in the near future!