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Tennis Psychology and Self Confidence

Tennis Psychology: Self-Confidence

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Improvement leads to self-confidence. Manage your expectations. Set realistic goals. Expect to make, but plan to reduce, tennis mistakes. Reward your successes, no matter what their size, with positive self-talk. In tennis, like in other parts of life, the more you do the more you can do.

Tennis Psychology: Plan Your Tennis Program for Progressive Improvement

Tennis self-confidence comes from knowing that you will play good because your strokes and hits are solid, you read your opponent well, you formulate tactical strategies based on what you and your opponent are doing, and your mental and physical conditioning have prepared you to be quick and sharply focused.

Tennis Psychology: Give Recognition to Your Gradual Successes

There are many factors which you can focus on to steadily make progress in your goal of building up of your self-confidence for match play in the game of tennis. Expect and allow every gain in each area of a well planned tennis improvement program to contribute to your increasing tennis self-confidence by some degree.

Make Corrections For Your Mistakes Or Errors

Plan to have setbacks and make mistakes. You need to make mistakes before you formulate a plan to make corrections. Improvement, in any part of life, depends on making a plan to correct your mistakes or errors and then following through with the implementation of that plan. First you must formulate a plan to fix each tennis mistake or error, then you must execution your plan. I like to use an analogy in which I express to my students that, “owning a jump rope will not get you into better shape. You have to use the jump rope”.

Steadily Improve Your Tennis Ability and Your Entire Life

Some very important factors which, if added in the proper amounts, will progressively increase your self-confidence are purposeful mental and physical toughness practice sessions, stroke and hit drill sessions, match experiences against worthy opponents, improving your diet, getting proper amounts of restful sleep, and striving to exist in an increasingly healthier living environment.

Expect Every Improvement to Make Everything Else Easier

In tennis, just like in other parts of your life, the more you do the more you can do. All of the little successes of your tennis improvement program will steadily transform you into a more self-confident tennis player. It is your success of execution in all phases of your tennis match preparation which allows you to know that you can win the last point of a tennis match.

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